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We can all play catch and feel good. Children, teenagers, adults, the elderly. Parents and kids. Teachers and students. Tourists and locals. Join with each other, and join the Play Catch for Good. Just grab your ball, get out there, and make that first throw.



1 Playing catch as children or adults can have a lasting, positive impact on our lives. Here are just a few benefits when you decide to play catch with others.

  • ​​Playing catch helps build self-confidence and promotes a positive self-image ​​

  • Playing catch with another person lets them know that you accept them, their thoughts and feelings are valuable, and that you love them.​

  • Playing catch builds trust and a sense of safety with the child and can do the same between two adults playing catch.​

  • Playing catch forces you to make eye contact with another person.

  • Playing catch is a great way to share the day with someone and make friends with a stranger.

  • It's impossible not to smile and have a good time while playing catch regardless if you are good at it or not. 

  • Playing catch helps to build hand-eye coordination, timing, sequencing, motor planning, and attention.

Playing catch as children or adults can have a lasting, positive impact on our lives.

2 Everyone needs to feel a sense of belonging and importance in life. Playing catch helps break down barriers and connects people on a personal level.


Whether it is your child, someone else's child, or even another adult, playing catch with another person can be a life-changing event. 


Children long for stability. They long for predictability. They also want interactivity with their parents. A number of studies have shown that routine family bonding activities like reading bedtime stories and eating meals together have a profound effect on children’s educational development and psychological well-being. 


If you don't believe in the power of playing catch consider that child development specialists rave about the benefits of building eye-hand coordination and urge parents to start their children playing catch at an early age with a soft-squishy ball.


3 Playing catch with another person, especially a parent is an intimate experience. Playing catch breaks down the barriers to communication and allows for the discussion of difficult subject matter. 


Parkinson's patients suffering from terrible tremors can throw and catch a ball. It's truly an amazing phenomenon. Playing catch has also been shown to improve the posture of older adults and decrease the chances of them falling while walking on their own.


You can learn more about the health benefits of playing catch but consider some interesting research on the profound impact of having a positive male and female adult figure in the lives of children.


  • 90% of College Baseball Players are from a two-parent household

  • Nearly 90% of NFL quarterbacks surveyed also came from two-parent households


The majority of single-parent households are led by women who are hard-working and the sole provider for her family. The absence of a father figure makes it extremely difficult for children to be introduced to playing catch at an early age.

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