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Playing Catch for the Kids

Sometime during the 2016 Detroit Tiger season, I noticed the first base coach, Omar Vizquel, was coming out of the dugout with a baseball in his hand. I stood up waved my glove and yelled “ Hey Omar over here!”. He looked up and smiled, pointed to me and threw the ball. I was ecstatic.

Many more times after that first toss Omar would come out and toss me a baseball which I in turn would give to a kid sitting near by. This happened all through that season and into the next. When it was questionable that his time as a coach for us was going to continue, I decided to commemorate what a great time we had and made a poster of pictures of some of the kids who got baseballs. I presented it to him and asked him to sign one for me. It’s one of the best pieces of memorabilia I have.

Thanks for letting me tell my play catch story.


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