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Playing Catch is a Family Affair

Playing catch is important to me because it is foreign…. I grew up in Australia and our version of catch was playing cricket or football in the backyard. Now living in NY and raising our two children with my wife, we all play catch as a family. Simple and traditional, it is always a time when each of us can just relax, put on a mitt, throw a ball and make some impressive catches. It brings out the imagination of our kids, they make up stories of bottom of the ninth scenarios where they must make the catch or make the correct pitch. It is amazing to me how performing such a simple act makes us all smile and the time just flows by as each throw is perfected and each catch is narrowly completed. Adding that we use Nokona traditional gloves just makes it all the more traditional and there is never a picnic where the ball and gloves are not the first items packed.

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