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Playing Catch with a Special Glove

I'm a little league baseball mom. Some moms have the star player or sons who are really gifted athletically. My son, Rhett,  is not the fastest. He doesn't always hit or catch the ball. Rhett has a gentle spirit. He loves an All-American game and enjoys being part of a team. 

The game has brought Rhett and his dad closer. They spend hours hitting balls and playing catch. In the beginning, Rhett was having trouble catching with is own glove, so my husband let him borrow a Nokona he invested in a couple of years ago when he started coaching middle school baseball. After some practice, he said "Dad,  can I use your special glove at my ballgames? I don't want to catch with any other glove because none are like this one." So, three nights a week we go to ballgames with the very special Nokona glove in tow.  Some day Rhett wants to have his own. Or at the rate we are going, dad may just have to replace his. :) 

Playing catch in the back yard is more than baseball practice. It's about family time together. This is what memories are made of. It doesn't matter what kind of athletic ability our son has, he feels like the star when he's playing with his dad and using his dad's special glove on the field.  


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