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Catch Was Always There

Playing catch has been something that has been present in my life almost as long as I can remember. My earliest days in the backyard with my dad, or at the local park, or out in the street on a warm summer day, the game of catch was always there. With both of my sisters, or a neighborhood friend, and even my mom, I can say I have been playing catch my entire life. As a college athlete now, the game of catch has taken on a different look, but the underlying feeling is still there. It might be a bit more serious now, with my coach looking to critique the smallest mechanics of my motion, but it is still always the best part of practice. Playing catch with a purpose is a line many coaches are fond of using, but there can be multiple purposes to the game of catch. At my level, yes it is to get better, to hone mechanics, and improve command. But looking at it more big picture, its purpose is to share an emotional experience with someone else, because the game of catch is an emotional experience with a lot of meaning behind it. Games of catch are more vivid in my mind than many other memories because of the joy and emotion that it brings with it. The enjoyment of the ball snapping in your glove and throwing it right back to your partners chest, that is something I know will never leave me.

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